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company name country fields Business Outline
Caper America Smart city AI powered customer facings POS (Point of Sales)
EVA America Mobility High-throughput drone infrastructure, “V-Station”
Alchemy Machines U.K. Productivity Conversational Intelligence platform enables multi-user speech-to-text transcriptions of verbal communications
Redefine Meat Israel Food tech 3D food printers produce the perfect steak without the need for animals
Selfit Medical Israel Health tech Robot therapist for the aging population
Hailo Israel Mobility Deep learning processor ’Hailo-8TM’
InnerEye Israel Productivity Innovative solution that allows a real-time connection of the human brain and Artificial Intelligence into a combined decision-making system
The Prototype Italy Health tech Rapid olfactory threshold test
Jetsons Robotics India Smart city Waterless solar panel cleaning robot ‘Zero’
Viveo Health Estonia Health tech SaaS platform for telehealth EHR,
Treatment plans, Diagnosing, referrals,
secure video and messaging communication
VR Vision Canada Productivity Virtual Reality technology that allows for organizations to train their team
Zilia Canada Health tech ’Zilia Ocular’
non-invasive platform technology that uses imaging, spectrometry and artificial intelligence to measure different biomarkers in the human eye
Mnubo – An Aspen Technology Company Canada Productivity end-to-end analytics solution built for IoT
Automation Robotics Technology Pte Ltd.(ART) Singapore Robotics ‘LINQ’ wireless, modular robot platform that makes transporting heavy logistics easy
Herolaser Intelligent Equipment China Productivity Handheld laser welding system
Turboo Euro Technology China Smart city Intelligent entrance and electronic security solutions
UBTECH ROBOTICS China Robotics AI and humanoid robotics
POPMII France Smart city ’POPMII’ Augmented Reality message
RFLocus Japan Productivity New RFID inventory and article management system
automatically obtains location and shows it on a digital map
AC Biode Japan Smart city Dispersion system uses low temperature to carbonize mixed trash containing organic wastes and plastics to recycle carbon
Genext Japan Smart city ‘AI-Contact’ driving management prevents accidents
by “visualizing” dangerous driving that violates traffic rules
Toletta Cats Japan Health tech Smart cat litter box “toletta®” helps to discover
feline urinary tract diseases early on
Quantum Operation Japan Health tech Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) screening and
COVID-19 screening solutions