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Health Tech

Tanka leads the way we use dietary supplements today. Tanka is poised to becoming a worldwide leading supplier of personal care wearable wellness goods.

Advantages of our technology:
Tanka is introducing a disruptive technology to the world of wellness and supplement.Our advanced patent-based technology allows us to control the mechanism in with the incidents (that are in the bracelet such as collagen and MSM) while Reaching the surface of the bracelet and from the surface onto the skin and then for the transdermal.We are better than other measures of supplements taking since our bio-availability is around 85% while oral absorption is around 6-8% only.We have trendy , young, new, innovative, exciting bracelets that fits our moto ; just feel good.We have conducted several test and the result are even better than what we anticipate.We have an FDA registration and recently we have received a grant approval from the Israel Innovation authority for an Iron delivery bracelet

Our business model:
We sell bracelets the price for our distributers is around 10-20 $ per bracelet ; depending on the active ingredients. Price for the end costumer is around 30-70 $ again depend on the content. Our price is competitive and we have validated the wiliness of the customers to pay. We shall start selling in Israel and globally on the same time We intend to sell our bracelets by local distributers (B2B) across the globe. We aim to find distributers in our field i.e wellness ; food supplements ; drug derivable ; life improvement ; gaming etc.We shall also sell our bracelets (B2C) with the use of the digital media and in any case the digital assets will remain in the company ownership

Our aim for business:
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Marketing, buisness development and sales

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To find joint venture partners
To find sales representatives

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