Zero-emission maritime transportation innovation to bring a decarbonization revolution

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ZESST - Zero Emission Speed ShuTtle, H2-powered fast ferry provide credible zero emission alternative to existing maritime transportation using fossil fuel. ZESST is energy efficient, zero emission, generate low wave/noise, amazingly comfortable, an attractive futuristic design and cost effective.

Advantages of our technology:
ZESST mission is to deploy the world’s most compelling zero emission ships to connect sea shores reliably and at high speed. ZESST is a hydrogen-powered passenger ship with hydrofoils. ZESST is fully integrated in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) network and is capable to reduce travel distance by 80%, following straight routes instead of winding path along coast lines. Hydrofoils minimize water resistance achieving 85 % energy consumption reduction, and also limit noise and waves, while reaching cruise speed of 50 km/h comfortably. Energy consumption minimization is important to limit GHG emission and is crucial to maximize profitability by reducing the operating costs. 60% of the world's passenger ferries are coming to end-of-life by 2030 and need to be renewed for the next 30 years. ZESST is answering the urgent need for Swiss and International operators and shipowners to operate zero-emission, fast, comfortable and economical ships compliant with today's regulations and for 30 years beyond that. In the period 2022-2028, it is foreseen than 56’000 tons of CO2 are saved by the progressive introduction of ZESST 100 PAX in comparison with diesel fast ferries.

Our business model:
The customer pays for the acquisition of the ship that is compliant to new and future GHG emission regulation and for the preventive maintenance diagnostics. 20% of the acquisition cost is paid at order signature, and 80 % at delivery. Preventive maintenance is paid on a yearly basis. Our vision is to establish a subsidiary in Japan and work with Japanese partners, including Japanese shipyards and operators, to build zero-emission hydrogen vessels in Japan and sell them to the Japanese and other global markets.

Our aim for business:
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We look forward to the opportunity to develop and partner with world-leading Japanese technology companies in the fields of hydrogen supply, shipbuilding, ultralight materials, FC, communications, AI, and autonomous ships to create business opportunities to enter the global market. We would also like to introduce our business plan to investors and investment companies.

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